Get lit

High intensity but low impact, LIT is set to revolutionise workouts in 2019. Standing for 'low impact training', LIT has emerged as a smarter alternative to the current plethora of body-pounding workouts such as HIIT and CrossFit.

Incorporating resistance-band work alongside rowing and elements of pilates, LIT involves no jumping, running or weights, making it easier on the bones and joints. However, LIT workouts are deceptively tough and while participants may not take a break because they're out of breath, they will take one because their muscles are quite literally shaking. Leading the low-impact revolution is LA's LIT Method. Developed by co-founders Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor, this is a 'form-centric workout' that 's both physically and mentally challenging.

Killer Conditioning Classes

Would you risk death to get fit? While fitness classes are often casually described as ‘killer’ or ‘torture’, a new wave of ‘extreme condition’ classes are making this more literal. In fact, they're so physically punishing that participants have to sign a legal waiver before taking part.

Especially popular with young males and 'city types', these fitness classes come with emergency medical assistance and strategically placed buckets for the inevitable vomiting. Gymbox's aptly named Flatline class is described as “the most dangerous class in the world”. The 45-minute class tests strength and stamina via increasingly difficult tasks. Oxygen is regularly administered and despite the risks including “permanent disability, stroke, organ failure, paralysis, heart attack, brain swelling and death", the class is heavily oversubscribed. Third Space's Elevation 2.0 challenge invites members to attempt an 800ft Versaclimber,1.5km cycle, 50-metre sled push and 1km inclined treadmill run, all inside its low-oxygen, high-altitude simulating hypoxic chamber.